Monthly Archives: September 2008

Website Content

I am feeling a little badly about not adding new content to my genealogy website lately. It isn’t that I don’t have more information to add, it’s just that I haven’t gotten around to it. At the start of the school year, I took over the responsibility of webmaster for my younger son’s cub scout pack. It’s our own domain hosted on a shared webserver. So in addition to the website design, the job entails site maintenance and creating/updating mailing lists and things like that.

One of the things I added was an onsite photo gallery. I checked out some options and decided to install Gallery2. Gallery is open source, so after I got it installed, I was able to poke around the code and customize the colors, header, footer, etc to have the same look and feel as the main part of the site. I was actually feeling pretty good about all of this when Murphy’s Law strikes. I get an email from the webhosting company – they are moving our site to a new server. Arg!!!!

Well, the move occured late last week – and needless to say, it hasn’t been seamless. I am now having an issue with file ownership and permissions. I will be contacting the webhost to see if they can change the ownership – I don’t have the permissions to do that. If not, I may have to re-install gallery. Arg!!

In the meantime, I’ve been letting my genealogy site languish a bit. Hopefully in a couple days (at the most) the cub scout site will be back in business, and I can do some more obituary transcribing.

On a side note – this whole experience does leave me itching to get my own domain for my genealogy and other family stuff. But I think I’ll save that discussion for another post!

Genealogy Software

The software I use to store my genealogy data on my home computer is Legacy Family Tree from Millenia Corp. I use the deluxe (paid) version and currently have the latest release (v7). I’ve been using it nearly as long as I’ve been doing my genealogy research. I started with the standard (free) version 5. After several months, I decided to upgrade to the deluxe version for the increased feature set, and have continued to upgrade as new releases have become available. Along the way I’ve tried a few other products, but I keep coming back to Legacy as my software of choice.

Millenia introduced a source writer in version 7. I was very anxious to get this because I was hoping it would help me standardize my sources. I can’t honestly say it’s everything I hoped for, but it is certainly a big help in figuring out what relevant information to include – particularly for things like photographs and websites. Unfortunately the introduction of source writer appears to have generated some serious flaws in how the software creates footnotes, etc in the various reports. I am hoping that Millenia releases the promised patch soon as I have some reports that I would like to send out to various people and I really don’t want to go thru the hassle of hand editing the reports to fix the sources.

Other than that complaint, which I’m sure they will soon fix, I have been pretty happy with the software. If you are looking for genealogy software for a pc, be sure to check out Legacy Family Tree.