New Banner

Wow, it’s been a while since my last blog post and also since I’ve last added content to my genealogy website. Unfortunately, I’ve been busy with some other “projects.” One of those “projects” is my PSP program. PSP (Paint Shop Pro) is a photo-editing/graphics program. I’ve been using it several years for the photo editing part, but lately I have been trying to learn more of graphics design tools. One reason is that I would really like to digitally scrap my vintage photos and then publish them in a photobook. I’ve found many very talented designers who have created beautiful digital papers and scrap kits using PSP. I have considered using their papers and/or kits, but have decided I would really like to create my own designs. I’ve read through many tutorials to get a feel for how to create different designs and effects. But, of course, the way to really learn is to play with the software and try different things. (After all, there’s always the delete key if you’re not happy with the results!)

To start, I decided to create a my own custom header for my genealogy site (and this blog). The hardest part about this, is trying to decide on a size – particularly a width. Not only will people viewing the website have different size monitors but they may set their browser window to any arbitrary width to accomodate viewing multiple, overlapping windows. For the website banner, I settled on a width of 728 pixels, which may look “short” on wider monitors/browser windows, but (hopefully) won’t get terribly cut off on narrower ones. If you’re visiting my website, I hope you like it!


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