“Scrapping” Vintage Photos

I am one of the people lucky enough to have a box of old family photos, some dating from the late 1800s. But, as is generally the case, my luck only goes so far. Most of the photos are loose and have no markings or labeling as to who is pictured.

There was one photo in particular that really drew my attention. It’s a group photograph containing an elderly woman, some children, and several other family members – mostly women. There were a couple of faces that just looked sooo vaguely familiar. It nagged at the back of mind for a while, until I finally had a eureka moment!

One young woman bears a striking resemblance to pictures of my grandmother as a young woman – I think it may be her mother (my great-grandmother). And a teenage girl in the back – I believe she is a great-aunt that I knew as a very elderly lady when I was growing up. Based on this, I have tentatively identified several of the people. I have showed it to some older family members (aunts, uncles and cousins). They all seem to agree once I tell them what I think, but no one has been able to say that yes, they saw this picture many years ago, and that’s definitely who the people are.

Getting back to the picture itself. As with many of the pictures in the box, it is not in great shape. The years have taken their toll and one corner is torn. I would like to preserve that picture and the others, so I have scanned them and am planning to create a photobook. I would like to have the pages of the photobook resemble a scrapbook. So, I’m working on digitally scrapping them. I am just getting started with figuring out how to do this. Since the best way to learn is to try, I have digitally scrapped the photo referred to in this post. And here is the result, scrapped with the kit “Treasured Past” by cuddlebeez

4 Generations - Miller, Shaner, Evans

4 Generations - Miller, Shaner, Evans

Since this was a learning process for me, I’m not sure that it will appear in the photobook as it looks now, but I did want to share it with you. And of course, if any one sees this and knows any of the people, please, please contact me!!!


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