Setting Modest Research/Posting Goals

First, I just want to wish anyone who comes across this blog a very Happy 2009!!

Now, for a little lamenting. It’s happening again – too many other things are going on and I’ve been neglecting both my blog and website, not to mention my genealogy research. Since the projects and activities that are taking up the time aren’t ending anytime soon, I’ve been thinking that I need to think smaller. Instead of long, involved posts, maybe some shorter ones. Instead of trying to put more surname research pages on my website or do some major re-designing (which is something I’ve been considering), I will try to add just a few new things (obits, will transcription, etc) to families already on my site.  Instead of planning a big, day-long research trip, maybe a quick trip to a local cemetery – weather permitting. To that end, today I added about 6 more Evans obituaries to my website. Not a huge number, but just maybe what someone is searching for! Who knows. I’ll try to continue with the small, but steady pace…

That’s my genealogy goal for now.  We’ll see how it goes.


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