Ancestry subscription – To Renew or Not?

Well my subscription expires in a couple of weeks, and I have to make the decision of whether to renew it or not. With a list price for renewal of the US Deluxe Membership at $155.40, I am thinking I will probably drop it – at least for a while. (The World Membership, priced at all but $300, isn’t even an option I would consider.) If their price point was closer to $100, the decision would be more difficult.

Everyone’s situation is different – both in their personal financial situation and in the benefit ancestry databases bring to their research goals. For me, ancestry’s current price tag outweighs its benefits. I only ever seem to find relevant information in a few of their collections, and actually I mostly just use the US census.

I’ll probably re-evaluate the situation once I have more time to research, but for now they’ve priced themselves out of the market (at least for me).


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