Monthly Archives: November 2009

Re-visiting Brick Walls

Sometimes it is really strange how things work out!! More genealogical information is being added to the internet every day. Sometimes we just need a little nudge to go back and re-look at branches of the family we haven’t looked at for a while in order to find that new information.

Back in July of 2007 I posted a query on a genforum message board. It was in regards to the father of my husband’s 2X’s great-grandmother, Emma Jean Miller. From Emma’s 1886 marriage application, I knew that her parents names were Samuel Miller and Catherine Smith. Unfortunately, I could not seem to get anywhere with Samuel. He does not appear with Catherine and Emma on any of the censuses, and so I don’t know if he died, they divorced, or perhaps they never married.  I also couldn’t find any trace of Catherine after she signed a consent form for Emma to marry in 1886. (BTW, she signed the form as Catherine Smith.) Continue reading

DAR Databases Now Online (Free!!)

I first read about it in Dick Eastman’s Newsletter and had to check it out! DAR has recently put online what they are calling a Genealogical Research System. It is a combination of several of their databases, with more information to be added in the future. You can check it out here. I tried it myself by entering a couple of my surnames into the ancestor search component. And … success!! Continue reading

Scanning Vintage Photos

One of my recent projects has been to scan vintage photos that I got from my Mom. She has been giving them to me in dribs and drabs for quite a while now, but recently she gave me a whole lot more. Most of these were from when she was growing up, but she also had some of my father’s family, some of my brother, sister and I growing up, and also some older ones from the early 1900s. Continue reading