Scanning Vintage Photos

One of my recent projects has been to scan vintage photos that I got from my Mom. She has been giving them to me in dribs and drabs for quite a while now, but recently she gave me a whole lot more. Most of these were from when she was growing up, but she also had some of my father’s family, some of my brother, sister and I growing up, and also some older ones from the early 1900s.

Most of these photos are quite a bit smaller than the standard 4X6 prints available now. What I have been doing is scanning them at a very high resolution (600-800 dpi). This has worked out really well, because then I can enlarge them without losing quality. (Although, sometimes the quality isn’t that great to start out with LOL!) One of the benefits of the high dpi is that I can now zoom in on the faces. This has been a great help in trying to identify the people pictured.

The other benefit is that I will be able to make some decent-sized scrap book layouts with these photos. I have actually already done a few, and I think they are coming out pretty well. It you would like to check them out, I have uploaded them to a picasa web album. You can view the gallery here. (Note: I also have the link on the right-hand column of this blog. Hopefully the links will work — you may have to sign in to picasa, I’m not really too sure. )

That’s it for now. Once again, I am going to try update this blog more regularly!


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