DAR Databases Now Online (Free!!)

I first read about it in Dick Eastman’s Newsletter and had to check it out! DAR has recently put online what they are calling a Genealogical Research System. It is a combination of several of their databases, with more information to be added in the future. You can check it out here. I tried it myself by entering a couple of my surnames into the ancestor search component. And … success!!

I started with a couple of my known patriots in order to see if they were in the online database and if so, what information was available. In the ancestor search box I entered only the surname. If there are matches, the results screen shows not only the name, but also a brief description of each patriot. The description includes birth and death dates and places and a brief service description. This makes it very easy to distinguish between multiple people with the same name. From there you can see a full service listing or a descendant listing. By navigating through the descendant listing, you can see the line of descent from the patriot to the DAR member with the caveat that the details of recent generations are blocked for privacy reasons. So basically, the information is very similar to what you would find in the DAR lineage books.

This resource definitely warrants some time checking it out. Right off the bat I found an exact death date and place for a 4x’s great-grandfather who was the son of a Revolutionary War vet. Now I have some clues as to where to look for additional information. I also found a Revolutionary War patriot on my Dad’s side that I hadn’t previously known about. All this in about 30 minutes! I can’t wait to see what else is in that database waiting to be found!!

That’s it for now.



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