Happy New Year 2010!!

It’s hard to believe how fast 2009 flew by, and here we are already the first day of 2010! As I am sitting here waiting for the rest of the household to wake up (it was a pretty late night for all), I was thinking about New Year’s Day superstitions.

I am told that my Grandfather was a very superstitious man. He died when I was very young, so I have to rely on what my relatives have told me. Apparently one of his superstitions was that the first visitor on New Year’s Day should be a dark-haired man. This made my Father, who was a friend of my Mother’s older brother long before they started dating, very popular on New’s Day. Not only did he have to get up early to visit my Grandparents, but he was also sent to visit some of their neighbors as well. I’m not sure if the neighbors shared my Grandfather’s superstitions or if my Grandfather was merely looking out for their best interests!

Another superstition I remember from my Grandmother is that you should always leave by the same door you came. So if you came in through the back door, that is how you needed to leave. That one was a year-round thing, and unfortunately I can’t remember the supposed consequences.

Going back to New Year’s Day, the required food was (and still is) pork and sauerkraut. In my family it was always said that the amount of sauerkraut you ate was proportional to the luck you would have during the upcoming year. This was always bad for me since I didn’t like sauerkraut! Sometimes, however, it’s hard to shake those old traditions. The traditions remind us of our roots and give us something to pass on to our own children. That’s why the pork and sauerkraut are sitting in my fridge — waiting to be cooked later today!!

Happy New Year!!


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