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(Almost) Wordless Wedding Wednesday – Winter Wedding

I’ve been told that my grandfather had a rule – only one of his children could get married each year. This made for some interesting family dynamics in the late 1950s. You see, there were seven children in the family, my Mom being the youngest. The first wedding to take place was that of my Mom’s 2nd oldest brother. He married in 1952. After that, the weddings apparently stalled out until my Dad, at some point in 1957, announced to his future in-laws that 1958 was “the year” that he and my Mom would marry.

At first the other siblings weren’t sure if he was serious. My Dad was close friends with my Mom’s older brothers and if you were familiar with his sense of humor, you would understand why they thought he might be joking! Once my Uncle Larry, my Mom’s oldest brother, realized that my Dad was completely serious, he quickly proposed to his long time girl friend and they planned their wedding before the end of 1957. Thus my Uncle Larry and Aunt Lucille married December 29, 1957. And the story doesn’t end there – my Mom’s sister Jane claimed 1959, leaving 1960 for their brother Charles.

Garner - Jackson Wedding (12/29/1957)

Credits: family wedding photo; scrapkit: Christmas Wish


Happy New Year 2012!

Hard to believe, but here we are ringing in another new year! I’m not really one to make New Year’s Resolutions, but I was thinking maybe it’s not such a bad idea to list out some genealogy resolutions/research goals for this year. (Maybe it will be the inspiration and motivation I need to stay on track!)

  1. Scan and Digitize – This is actually an on-going project for me. While most of my ancestor photos are scanned, I recently found a box of photos from my own childhood as well as a couple of old albums. I really should scan them soon as some are already starting to fade and discolor. And while I’m at it, I also need to scan documents (like obituaries clipped from newspapers, funeral cards, wills, etc). I have even been thinking it would be worthwhile to enter at least some of the information in my research notebooks into a spread sheet or word doc.
  2. Tag the scanned photos and other images – This will make for easier search and retrieval. I started doing this with some of my recent digital photos, but I really need to add the tags to the older photos and scanned images also.
  3. On-site Research – While I am constantly amazed at the new records being added to online sites like familysearch and ancestry, there is still so much that is just not available online. Taking into account county court houses/archives, historical societies and genealogical societies, there are at least 10 that are within about an hour or so from my home. I’ve been to most of these, though not recently. I really need to put together a research plan and go back and revisit some of these places to get additional information.
  4. Continue photographing cemeteries and contributing to Find-a-grave. (This one doesn’t really need further explanation.)
  5. Re-Evaluate Genealogy Software – While I’m mostly happy with the software I currently use, there are 2 major issues that really bother me: 1) the database is not “normalized” resulting in redundant storage and difficulty maintaining data integrity and 2) inadequate method for handling uncertainty. At this point I don’t know if any of the other programs out there address these areas better, but I think it is probably worthwhile to check into it.

So there you have it — I think these goals should keep me busy for a while!

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful new year!!!