Legacy Family Tree Mapping – Can Anybody Help?

Okay, I’ll admit it. When Millennia, makers of Legacy Family Tree, first introduced mapping I looked at it, but for a variety of reasons never used it much. So when I got a new computer about six months ago and noticed that the Legacy mapping component wasn’t working, it wasn’t high on my priority list to troubleshoot. BUT (there’s always a but, right?) after seeing some of the RootsTech videos I started to re-think mapping and its usefulness.

One of the things that upped the usefulness of mapping (for me, anyway) is that I’ve changed how I input locations to be more specific. For example, I now include things like church names and cemetery names directly in the location as opposed to the address field. (Address are not displayed in the family view, and I wanted to be able to see this information without a bunch of extra clicks.) I even got rid of displaying the burial date so it would be easier to see the cemetery name as well as it’s location. Check out the screen shot below.

Back to the mapping issue. I’m running Legacy on a Windows 7 (64bit) HP laptop with 6 gig of RAM. I have installed IE9 (and Silverlight), but mostly use Chrome. The mapping feature actually did work last night after installing the latest version of Legacy. But upon booting up this morning (which included a windows update install) I am back to getting a blank panel where the map should display, but no error codes or messages. (See screen shot)

I still have the old computer (with a six-month old version of Legacy) and decided to see if mapping works on that. It’s running XP and also has IE9 installed but not as the primary browser. It has less memory and disk space and more installed programs, but mapping works?!  Google searches have yielded no solutions. Legacy support has no further ideas since the re-install fix was not permanent. Anybody have any ideas? I would love to get this resolved!

UPDATE: I am very happy to report that the suggestion by jupiterthreeEd Thompson, which was to run Legacy as administrator, has fixed the problem!


2 responses to “Legacy Family Tree Mapping – Can Anybody Help?

  1. Two things I would considered based on it working in XP but not 7 – Firewall settings and User permissions.

    First disable the firewall and see if that addresses the issue. Its done from the ControlPanel/Security screen,

    if that doesn’t solve it, right click on the Legacy link, and set the run as admin property in one of the properties tabs (sorry, don’t recall where).

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