Finding the Ancestors of Levi Bectell

One of my long term research goals is to trace all the descendants of my immigrant ancestor Johan George Bechtel who settled near what is now Amity, Berks County, Pennsylvania. So when I was recently asked if Levi Bectell, who died in Utah in 1909, might connect back to my Pennsylvania Bechtels, I naturally wanted to learn more about this man and his ancestors. Here’s what I was able to find.

1898-utahLevi died Saturday, September 25, 1909 in Grantsville, Tooele County, Utah. He was a sheep herder and had been riding his horse to a nearby ranch for supplies when the horse bucked and threw him to the ground. He survived the initial fall and was transported to the town of Grantsville, but died before medical help arrived. This information comes from his obituary, which appeared in the Deseret Evening News on Wednesday, September 29th. It further goes on to say that he was between 60 and 70 years of age and left a wife and seven children.

There is a find-a-grave memorial for Levi which gives his birth year as 1836 and links him to 2 wives and 11 children. Of the 11 linked children on find-a-grave, 5 pre-deceased him. There is no photo of Levi’s grave, but there is one of a generic “Bectell” tombstone with no first names – such as one might find to identify a family plot.  (You may also note that, according to find-a-grave, Levi’s second wife was his step-daughter and that his marriage to her took place before the death of his first wife. My guess is that the dates and relationships are probably correct. His obituary implies that he was of the Mormon faith and given the time period he may have had concurrent wives.)

Using the family composition information provided on find-a-grave, Levi and his wives and children can be found in the censuses as follows: in 1870 they are in Grantsville, Utah, in 1880 in Grouse Creek, Utah, and in 1900 back in Grantsville. These enumerations no doubt represent Levi’s family despite spelling variations (Bectell in 1870 and 1880 and Bechtol in 1900), age variations for Levi (22 in 1870, 33 in 1880 and 63 in 1900) and inconsistencies the place of birth for him and his parents. In 1870 he claims to have been born in Missouri, but in 1880 and 1900 he claims he was born in Illinois. In 1880 he claims both his parents were born in Illinois, but in 1900 he says they were born in Pennsylvania.

So what’s up with all the conflicting and contradictory data? Well, the census data also shows that Levi could not read or write English. This goes a long way toward explaining the spelling variations of his surname. Furthermore, in a newspaper article which appeared in the The Salt Lake Herald on November 7, 1893, Levi said that he did not know his age. He also stated, “I left home when I was a little fellow, and I’ve been around here ever since. I had to walk here when I came — to drive cattle. This town was a good deal smaller then than it is now.” The same article states that Levi lived in the area for 27 years which puts his arrival in the Grantsville area around 1864.

So the challenge, of course, is to find Levi prior to the 1870 census and to attempt to identify his parents. The first step is a search of the 1860 and 1850 censuses, taking into account all the various spellings and misspellings of the surname as well as variations in the given name and/or the use of an initial only.  After evaluating the possibilities the most promising match seems to be the 1860 enumeration of Levi Bextell in Jennings, Crawford County, Indiana. He was aged 13 and born in Kentucky. His parents were John and Elizabeth, both also born in Kentucky. The siblings were Nancy, Elizabeth, Maria and Melinda – all younger.

There are a couple of reasons why this Levi is a promising match to the one who later shows up in Utah. First, the age of 13 corresponds pretty well with the ages given in 1870 and 1880, which were 22 and 33, respectively. And although by 1893 Levi claims to be unsure of his age and by 1900 has aged up to 63, I would tend to give more credence to the ages provided in the earlier censuses. If the age discrepancy truly is a result of him being confused as to his age, I can’t see him thinking he was 22 when he was really 32. I have a much easier time believing the confusion sets in later in life. Additionally,  we see the names Nancy, Elizabeth and Melinda repeated in the names of Levi’s daughters. And while Nancy and Elizabeth are fairly common, Melinda is a little less so – at least in my experience.

Going back to the 1850 census, the family of John, Elizabeth and Levi Bectel are in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Also in the household are 20 year old Squire Bectel and 18 year old Fielding Bectel – possible younger brothers of John or close relatives of some sort.

I spent a couple of days expanding upon this initial research, looking at additional databases on ancestry, familysearch and a couple of other sites. At this point I am fairly certain that the Levi Bectell who died in 1909 in Utah was born about 1846 in Kentucky and was the son of John Beghtol and Elizabeth Collins. As for the Pennsylvania connection, Levi’s grandfather, John Beghtol Sr. was born in Pennsylvania about 1785. While this John may tie into one of the Bechtel families in southern Pennsylvania, he does not appear to tie into my John George Bechtel line.

I have posted a tree on to capture the information I found on Levi, his family and various other related Beghtols with roots in Kentucky and Illinois. I will update it as I come across more information. If you are not a paid subscriber and are interested in this tree, let me know and I will send you an invite to access it.


8 responses to “Finding the Ancestors of Levi Bectell

  1. patricia stewart

    happened on you today. i appreciate your research from a different angle than mine. i have been 35 years trying to pin our levi bechtol down. just thought i would add a little to yours. in my research, i have found 21 different spellings for this name. there is a tool in research that places names in the country of their frequency and bechtol comes up german, so i always pictured the census takers listening to the gutteral german speech and doing the best they could. my daughters best friend for life, happened to marry a young man from canada. when his mother died we discovered her maiden name was becktell and then we discovered that we were related. his name is luke. luke’s line proceeds from the mother you mentioned in the story…elizabeth lucina. my line proceeds from her daughter hannah gardner. they were living the law of polygamy prevalent in the mormon church at the time. she had been married three times previously. from all reports they got along very well. elizabeth continued to live with hannah and levi until her death. it was through luke that i learned levi definitely named his daughters after his sisters. that was my first clue for nearly 25 years, so when i found the census report you mentioned, i viewed it with new eyes. i do believe that is our levi, but the birth places on that census report are very confusing to me. last look i had, kentucky wasn’t digitized yet so i’ve been planning a trip for a few years. i appreciate you connecting him to the pennsylvania ones. i never could. maybe we will track him after all before i die :) thanks for your work.

    • Hi Patricia and thanks for the comment and the additional info on Levi. If you haven’t already, you may also want to contact Judy Gilson. She organizes a Bechtel reunion in PA every 2-3 years and has an extensive collection of Bechtel information from various lines. Her email is judyG1123 AT
      Also, I wanted to mention that I found a marriage record for Levi’s probable parents John Beghtol and Elizabeth Collins in Green County Indiana in Dec of 1845. Looking at a map, Green County, Indiana and Jefferson, Kentucky (where they were in 1850) are not too far from each other. If they were in Green County due to John’s job as a laborer (and not just to get married) Levi may have been born there instead of Kentucky. Just another possibility!!!

  2. YES! YES! YES! According to handwritten transcripts of the family Bible pages, “Leavi” left for the Civil War and never returned. I assumed he died, but last year I found the Findagrave site and tried to locate descendants. I am sure Levi Bectell of Utah is the missing son of my ancestors John and Elizabeth Collins Beghtol. I would be happy to share more with descendants. Of course, DNA is probably the only way to scientifically prove this connection. My great-uncle Eldon Beghtol, grandson of Samuel Beghtol the brother of Levi, and another distant cousin, Carter Beghtol, both participated in the Beghtol DNA group before their deaths. We have a y-DNA signature for this Beghtol line–and we’re not related to the Bechtels of Pennsylvania. From an apprenticeship in Breckinridge Co, KY, we know John Beghtol (who married Elizbeth Collins) was the son of Henry “Pectol.” Somehow Peter Beghtol of Schuyler County, IL is related–traditionally a cousin. Henry Beghtol who married Elizabeth Horine is a brother to John. I love researching the Beghtol family.
    Dann Norton

    • This is great! There are apparently several people interested in Levi. I hope that Patricia (who commented above) and Elizabeth (who was the one who originally asked me about Levi on my post about the Bechtel reunion) both contact you directly.

    • patricia i stewart

      this message is way late. Janis, i wish that somehow you got a poke in email to know that a reply had been made then i would have responded years earlier ha. yes, i found the same census record and was interested in the change of birthplace from what i had historically known. i have searched and searched to try to still connect him in some way with the added information, all
      to no avail. i happened on july gilson many years back and contacted her too, but she had absolutely knew nothing more about my levi. as far as family history is concerned judy is much more interested in descendants and organizing her yearly reunion. i will keep searching. still hoping before i die it will all be clear haha.
      Dann, i’m glad to find you. and Pectol makes 22 spellings!! i actually collected DNA from the last two male members of our bechtol family around 15 years ago. i couldn’t afford to pay, so i did it through Sorenson who would process them as donations came in! well curses, i wish i had had the money because sorenson closed, turned their samples over to ancestry and ancestry says they won’t process them! i am absolutely shocked by this and devastated as well, because in the intervening years both those men have passed away! i really had high hopes but it looks as if i will never have definitive information about that family line. it would be sad enough on its own, but i have three other lines with the same status. aliens. dropped from space on the earth.

  3. PS: My mother has a DNA match with a descendant of Levi Bectell! So…I guess it is proven! DMN

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