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Adding Photos to Find-A-Grave

In a recent email the topic of adding photos to Findagrave was mentioned. It got me thinking that one of the things I’ve often meant to do is to create a little “cheat sheet” of the steps involved in processing photos before I upload them to that site. It’s not that it’s that overly complicated, but it’s something that I do only sporadically, and so I always have to review it and re-learn it each time. Thus, posting a little cheat sheet on this blog will give me a quick way to review the steps in the future. Continue reading

Re-visiting Brick Walls

Sometimes it is really strange how things work out!! More genealogical information is being added to the internet every day. Sometimes we just need a little nudge to go back and re-look at branches of the family we haven’t looked at for a while in order to find that new information.

Back in July of 2007 I posted a query on a genforum message board. It was in regards to the father of my husband’s 2X’s great-grandmother, Emma Jean Miller. From Emma’s 1886 marriage application, I knew that her parents names were Samuel Miller and Catherine Smith. Unfortunately, I could not seem to get anywhere with Samuel. He does not appear with Catherine and Emma on any of the censuses, and so I don’t know if he died, they divorced, or perhaps they never married.  I also couldn’t find any trace of Catherine after she signed a consent form for Emma to marry in 1886. (BTW, she signed the form as Catherine Smith.) Continue reading

More Records added to Findagrave

I had not meant to let this blog sit idle for so long, but life sometimes just gets really hectic. So until the last couple of weeks, my genealogy research and postings had go to on hold. Recently, I started to try to ease back into it. I posted a lot more photos and memorials on findagrave.
These were mostly the backlog of photos that I had for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to putting online. I haven’t been the only one adding to the southeast PA cemeteries. If you’re researching people in this area, check it out and see if your ancestors have been added!

Anyway, this is just a quick update — will try to post again soon.

Find-a-grave’s New Feature

Well, folks, findagrave.com just keeps getting better and better for the genealogist! I went to the site today after not logging on to it for a while and I noticed a new twist to the family links option that they added a while back. I guess I should back up here a bit. When I first started using find-a-grave, if you wanted to have a link from one memorial to another (say husband to wife or child to parent), you needed to embed html-style links in the bio. A visitor to the site would then be able to click on the link and go directly to the other memorial. This worked, but it took some effort to add the html tags.

Then a little while ago, they added a unique id number that prints out on the bottom of each memorial page. You could then cut and paste the id number to a new field called ‘parent links’ and hot-link to the parents memorials. Well, now they’ve expanded and improved upon the linking. Not only can you link to parents, but also to spouse(s). In addition, the new family link also does link-back. What this means, is that if from the husband’s memorial you add a link to the wife’s, her memorial automatically gets a link back to the husband. Very nice and quite a time-saver! In addition, if you link to a parent’s memorial, the parent’s page now puts a link-back to the child! Currently it only works in one direction, meaning you have to add a parent link to the child – you cannot add children links to parents, they can only be generated. But that’s okay. All in all, it’s a great way to click around through relatives without having to do searches. This is such a great feature that as time permits, I think I will go back and update my memorials with the family links!!