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Advent Calendar – Our Christmas Tree

I decided to join in on the Geneablogger Advent Calendar prompts this year. This first post is about the Christmas Trees we had when I was growing up.

Christmas was a very special time of year for our family. My Mom would always start baking cookies and decorating the house shortly after Thanksgiving. But not the Christmas tree. Santa always brought our Christmas tree. I think this made Christmas morning all the more special. The three of us kids would wake up and as we walked down the stairs we would see the tree, as well as all the beautifully wrapped presents, for the first time! Talk about excited!

When I was really young we always had a “real” tree. I’m really not sure how my parents managed to pull this off. I don’t think that they waited until Christmas Eve to buy the tree, but we never saw it sitting outside the house. I suspect they bought it a couple of days in advance and that my Aunt and Uncle would bring it to our house Christmas Eve after we children were put to bed. Much later I learned that my Aunt and Uncle would come over to our house each year to help decorate the tree.

My Brother and I one Christmas Day - you can just barely see the tree! Credits: scrapbook kit is Holiday Sugar Cookie by Bubbly Kori with Bling element by DeliciousScraps

I was the oldest of the three children in our family and about the time I stopped believing in Santa and was allow to stay up and join the tree decorating party, we got an artificial tree. This was the type of tree where each branch had to be added individually. Branches of different sizes had different color paint dabs on the wire to match the paint dabs on the holes in the “tree trunk.”  We would “build” the tree starting at the top and continuing down to the bottom, inserting each branch into the trunk.

Then there was the decorating. Lights always were first. We had the type with big, multi-colored bulbs. We had to test each strand and locate and replace any “bad” bulbs. Once that was done, the lights were wrapped around the tree. Then the decorations. We had some store bought balls, but mostly we had hand-made ornaments. Tinsel was always added last — like the icing on a cake!

Once my sister, who was the youngest, stopped believing in Santa, we no longer waited until Christmas Eve to set up the tree. On the positive side, we got to enjoy having the tree up longer and Christmas Eve was much less hectic. But some of the magic of Christmas morning was gone too.

When my husband and I got married, it was several years before we decided to have children. With just the two of us, it didn’t make sense to set up the tree Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, once we had kids we kept with our new tradition of setting up the tree a couple of weeks before Christmas. We didn’t have the extra sets of hands like my parents did – and it was a lot easier to set it up in advance. A part of me regrets that my children didn’t get to experience the same type of thrill Christmas morning that I did, but instead they will have the memories of walking through the Christmas tree farm and selecting the tree and cutting it down. I think each generation needs to find what works best for them!