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Wordless Wednesday – Photo of Mamie Sassaman Dilliplane

Mamie Sassaman Dilliplane portrait on 4x6 layoutCredits: Portrait of Mamie Sassaman Dilliplane, layout created for Geneabloggers Wordless Wednesday series


Altered Vintage Photo?

About 10 years ago, or so, I remember seeing a display of vintage ancestor photographs that some very good friends had on the wall in their home. I remember thinking at the time that they were so lucky to have the old photos and wishing that we had some of our family. As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, several years later when I started to get involved in genealogy research, I found out that my Mom had quite a few that she had been storing, all but forgotten, in the attic. And as she has come across the photos, she has been passing them on to me.

One of the most puzzling was a family photo of John and Mary (nee Newman) Evans and their children. Here is an unretouched version that I scannned:

Evans family photo

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Scanning Vintage Photos

One of my recent projects has been to scan vintage photos that I got from my Mom. She has been giving them to me in dribs and drabs for quite a while now, but recently she gave me a whole lot more. Most of these were from when she was growing up, but she also had some of my father’s family, some of my brother, sister and I growing up, and also some older ones from the early 1900s. Continue reading

“Scrapping” Vintage Photos

I am one of the people lucky enough to have a box of old family photos, some dating from the late 1800s. But, as is generally the case, my luck only goes so far. Most of the photos are loose and have no markings or labeling as to who is pictured.

There was one photo in particular that really drew my attention. It’s a group photograph containing an elderly woman, some children, and several other family members – mostly women. There were a couple of faces that just looked sooo vaguely familiar. It nagged at the back of mind for a while, until I finally had a eureka moment! Continue reading