Copyright and Collaboration

In a way I hate to have to write this, but I just want to make my position known up front. I make every effort to respect the copyright and intellectual property of others and I hope that you will also respect mine.  To that end:

  • The photographs you see on my blog are ones that I own in that I have inherited them from various family members. Included in this collection are some very old portraits taken by professional photographers. These date back to the late 1800s or very early 1900s and (to the best of my knowledge) are out of copyright.
  • The scrapbooking kits used to make the layouts I post are mostly ones that I have designed. If I happen to use a kit from another designer, I mention them in the credits.
  • The photos/layouts that are displayed on this blog are optimized for the web – i.e. they are low resolution and not suitable for printing. If we share common ancestors or relatives, you can contact me about getting a high-resolution copy.
  • My blog postings/articles are my personal opinions, reflections and/or the results of my personal research as stated in my own words. As such they are copyrighted to me. Please do not copy them in whole or in part and repost them to the internet. This includes personal websites, blogs, public or private areas of,, Facebook, etc. In addition, please do not embed them in whole or in part in family trees or gedcoms that you upload to the internet.
  • On the other hand, feel free to extract facts such as birth dates and places, marriage dates and places, death dates and places, names of relatives, etc. The facts by themselves (i.e. separate from the surrounding prose) are not subject to copyright.
  • If elements of my personal research are relevant to yours, you may make a copy of my articles for your own personal use. But as stated above, please do not upload them in whole or in part to the internet.
  • If you use my blog postings/articles or the information contained therein as sources, please be aware that they are, at best, secondary sources. If at all possible, you should try to verify the facts with primary sources.
  • And lastly, please feel free to contact me if we have a connection. 
(page last updated 4 May 2011)

4 responses to “Copyright and Collaboration

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  2. Perfectly stated! :)

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